I can’t keep up with myself

I’m flying today to California to start shooting TROUSER TROUT tomorrow morning. I’m stuck at LAX right now for a couple of hours until my next flight to Santa Rosa. This video, like I mentioned before, is gonna be shot in an area called Russian River — near San Francisco — and I can’t wait to get there and meet the guys — the new guys and the old guys (hello RJ!) So, since I’m stuck at LAX, I decided to put my time to good use and write this next entry.

I finally figured out my travel plans and schedule. I decided to stay in California until October 8th, a few days after the shoot following the Folsom Street Fair (details on that coming right ahead). After TROUSER TROUT is wrapped up, I’m going to stay about a week with my friend Jeff. He’s always inviting me to come to San Francisco and this time I decided to accept the offer. Plus he owns this beautiful cabin in the Sonoma Valley. I can see this place being the scenario of a future Raging Stallion project, we’ll see… Michael Brandon and I are probably gonna take a ride there while I’m here so he can check out the place.

Also on the weekend of the 21-23rd, I’m really excited cuz one of my good friends from Providence is coming to visit me here in San Francisco. He’s never been to California before and I’ll get the chance to show him around… even though I’ve only been to San Francisco once before. I’m sure I’ll do just fine and we’re gonna have a blast. Any suggestions of where to go or what to do… places to see?

The following week on the 27th, we’re having a Pre-Folsom Party/Fashion Show/Fund Raiser where we’re gonna be wearing Troy Anicete‘s designs and the pieces are gonna be auctioned off our bodies – hehehe I’m getting turned on just thinking about it – Hopefully I’ll get to wear something very provocative… you know.. the less the better. Take a look at the poster, all the info is there if you wanna come, it’ll be a pleasure to have you.


Then there’s the VIP party on Saturday the 29th and the Folsom Street Fair on Sunday the 30th. But I told you guys about that an entry ago. After the Folsom Street Fair, I shoot a scene on the 2nd with Victor Steel. I’m really excited. I haven’t seen him in a little over a month, plus his birthday is on the 30th so I’m sure we’ll get to celebrate. I’ll then have a few days to decide where I’m going. Maybe L.A. or San Diego before heading back to Providence on the 9th.


I didn’t really want to post lots of pictures on this entry because I wanted the ones I did post to have more impact. The first one on the top was just the prelude of what was about to happen when I meet my alter egos lol … the last one obviously is the result of that. Never heard of the term “playing with yourself” before? Well, that gives a whole new meaning doesn’t it?  -  Those images are inspired by the work of this really great New Yorker, artist Antony Goicolea (which i had the pleasure to… well… “meet” hehehe – check his web site to see more about his work.


That’s it for now… I’ll be back soon with behind-the-scenes from TROUSER TROUT.

Love to all,


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6 Responses to “I can’t keep up with myself”

  1. Queer Me Now says:

    Brilliant idea !!! I really like this picture -HOT- Good job.

  2. Jay Denton says:

    I love the one man orgy. Keep up your excellent work. You are just too good to be true !!!

  3. SanFranDan & JoeyOnNoe says:

    Truly Amazing! LukeHassxxx.com breeds New Life into the Rushing Rivah! We’re awaiting your newest RELEASE with BATED BREADTH!!!!!!!

    PS – Didn’t we see you at Harvey’s On Castro pulling some HOT pork?

  4. christopher says:

    what a cool friggin’ picture to have! LOVES IT!!

  5. James says:

    Hey I saw this picture and thought – Anthony Goicolea! Thats really great. Cool. Porn is art!

  6. Will says:

    hey luke…geez, i leave town and look what happens…you get yourself involved in a one man orgy…you rascal, you :) was it as good for you and it was for you and you and you? … was the real thing as good as your “twin”? LOL

    the two “group” pix are just great…i need to check out Anthony Goicolea’s site…he certainly has inspired your two pics.

    just sorry to have missed so many (but not the big event) activities around Folsom…
    GREAT!!! to see you again!

    Will in CA

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